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How We Started







The idea for Underwraps Baby Company came in December 2016 after I made my first blanket for my son.  I wanted him to have a special blanket for daycare to  prevent another child from confusing it as theirs and to make the transition to preschool easier.  At that time, I was working 60+hrs a week as an instructional coach, supporting teachers across the city.  By the time I got home, we didn't have much time together.   I wanted to make sure he had a piece of me and a piece of home to take with him each day. Through the process of making his blanket, I discovered two things about myself:

1. I really loved making this for my son and making him feel special.  

2.  I wanted to share this expression of love with others to make them and their little ones feel special too. 


African and Traditional Nursery Prints

After discovering I loved sewing blankets, I soon began thinking of the different projects I could do.  I wanted fabrics that would help people celebrate their identity and share a piece of themselves with their little ones. African prints immediately came to mind. Creating baby items in both traditional nursery prints and African prints speaks to the multiple aspects of my identity, the identity of my brand, and the multiple identities of our diverse customers.  It also enables others to celebrate the beauty of African prints, which themselves represent the coming together of multiple cultures across the globe.  I'm excited to bring these prints to families and create items that are just as unique, special, and personal as the blanket I made for my son. 

Check out our "About African Prints" page to learn more about the origin and significance of different African prints fabrics.  

Thanks for visiting our shop.  We look forward to hand-crafting products for the special little ones in your life!

-Jacque Baker